Pre-purchase & Maintenance

Infrared Thermal Imaging combined with Blower Door testing is the easiest method to indicate moisture, mold and anomalies on building surfaces that include a check for insulation faults and air leakage.
Energy loss caused by air infiltration and air ex-filtration are quickly analyzed as is water infiltration. The presence of moisture usually creates a variance in heat signature which the Infrared camera usually detects, although this is only to be interpreted as an indication of the presence of moisture and needs confirmation.
Curtains and furniture may require moving to give greater visual access.
We supply our clients with comprehensive reports which are either emailed or available in hard copy or both.  All inspections are done with the client providing safe access to the inspection area plus consent to be on the property and filling out a pre-visit check sheet. It is the responsibility of the owner or representative to undertake any corrective measures.

The rule of thumb with insulation is that 5% gaps = 50% loss in R value.
Downlights can be a massive contributor to gaps in insulation, because a gap must be left around them. Placing a dome over them gives an R2 insulation effect, effectively fireproofing the lights and allowing bulk insulation to be placed against them. This therefore allows for close to 100% insulation coverage.

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TROTEC T660 Non-Invasive Moisture Meter

Designed for ease of use as a ‘general purpose’ non-invasive moisture meter. Its prime use is for locating moisture problems in materials such as timber/wood and GIB board. This apparatus is a dielectric moisture indicator with which moisture and its distribution can be located quickly and non-destructively. This measurement instrument is state of the art technology.
The following indicators can be used for moisture orientation
Display (digits)
Building Material Moisture Range
< 40 digits Dry material
40 digits – 80 digits Damp material
> 80 digits Wet / saturated material

*The measured values are only to be interpreted as indicators (dry, damp, wet).

Extech MO290

Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR


The MO290 is an 8-in-1 meter that combines a Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter with a built-in InfraRed Thermometer.
This is an ergonomically designed, dual mode meter that is capable of both pin and pinless moisture measurement. The pinless sensor can be used not only for wood but for other building materials too.