Non Destructive Testing


This is used in a range of industries – including Engineering, Property, Marine, Industrial and Aviation.
Checking for electrical faults. (Switchboard Hot Spot and Wiring Inspections with a Registered Electrician)
Checking for Gas, Air, Steam and Water leaks.
Commercial and private property inspections. (Moisture, Insulation and Leaky homes)
This technology produces images of the invisible Infrared radiation and displays the temperature as image.  Our Infrared Thermal Imaging camera is able to detect temperatures between -20°C and 650°C.
Infrared Thermal Imaging is the quickest and easiest method to detect moisture in building surfaces as well as Insulation faults.  


What can be detected?

Predictive Maintenance – Identify electrical and mechanical problems before they cause failure
Process Monitoring – Real-time observation to ensure efficient and safe operation
Research & Development – Quantify heat patterns to improve product designs
Electronic Design – Close up circuit board analysis

What can be measured?
Loose/deteriorated connections
Inductive Heating
Defective Equipment Mechanical Systems

Defective Equipment
Missing, damaged, or improperly installed insulation
Energy losses caused by air infiltration and air exfiltration
Water infiltration
Damaged refractory Flat Roofs
Identify latent moisture
Improper soldering of circuitry
Fires, even hidden grass fires
People & Animals
Vehicles and Aircraft